Please help us help those enduring cancer in Iowa

Our Mission

Cancer Compassion Connection provides prayer knit items and financial help to those enduring cancer in Iowa.

We are founded on a desire to give back and pass on compassion to those enduring cancer in Iowa.       

Our founder, Christina Radke, a two time breast cancer survivor, has witnessed first-hand the needs of her fellow Iowans enduring cancer.  Iowans enduring cancer deal with decreased or loss of employment, mounting medical bills, and travel and lodging costs among many other needs.      

Part of our mission is to let  those enduring cancer know that they are not alone and  to share our love and compassion with them.       

Prayer knit items are hand knit especially for the recipient as we pray for hope, strength and comfort during their cancer journey.

Inspired To Help?

Please consider a tax deductible donation and follow us on Facebook, so you can see where your dollars are going.

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